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1. Introduction

Welcome to CDS 130 - Computing for Scientists

This course fulfills GMU's General Education "Information Technology with Ethics" requirement.


In this course, students learn the fundamentals of the computational approach to scientific problem solving. No prior programming experience is required; an intuitive step-by-step approach is taken. Students:

  • Learn how a computer works internally, including binary data representation and manipulation, and digital logic circuits;
  • Learn basic programming concepts including assignment, conditional statements, iteration, arrays, and matrices;
  • Use these programming concepts to develop simple simulations and represent algorithms using MATLAB;
  • Develop and implement computational models that solve problems encountered frequently in scientific computing, such as image processing, pattern recognition, population dynamics, stochastic simulations, and numerical integration;
  • Understand the importance and use of verification and validation;
  • Understand several important concepts related to IT security and Ethics; and
  • Use on-line scientific collaboration tools to work on group projects and contribute to class discussions.

2. Current Classes

Previous Classes

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