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1. Midterm Problems


2. Numerical Integration

Use vertical rectangles to estimate the areas of the objects shown on the following hand-outs. Use both the "middle" rule and the "left rule" for each.

3. Numerical Integration

In this problem, we are given an equation that represents the height so we can compute the area by hand calculations and by iteration.

  • Compute the area between the lines y=0, x=3, and the curve y=0.3333·x3 using rectangles of width 1. Use this graph paper and let 1 unit be the width of a square. Turn in your diagram at the start of class. Include your calculations on your paper. You do not need to put your answers to this question on your wiki page.
  • Write a program without a for to compute the area using w=1.
  • Write a program with a for to compute the area using w=1.
  • Repeat all of the above using using w = 0.5.
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