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My first homework assignment.

Homework 1


  1. Introduction to MediaWiki
    1. Create an Account
    2. Create a wikipage within your user account to include hyperlinks to all homeworks
    3. Upload an Image to your fist homework wikipage
    4. Write Some Text
  2. Entry Survey
    1. Background
    2. Background II
    3. Best way to communicate
    4. Active learning

1. Introduction to MediaWiki

Important Note: DO NOT edit this page. Copy and paste the content of this homework to your own homework page.

1.1. Create an Account

Create an account. If you choose to use a username that is different from your Mason username (the name in your email address). Zero points if the username is "inappropriate".

1.2. Create a wikipage within your user account to include hyperlinks to all homeworks

1.3. Upload an Image to your fist homework wikipage

Upload a screenshot to your page. Put the image that you uploaded to this page. If this is not your image, you must include a link to where it is from Zero points if the image isNSFW (not safe for work). SeeSheng/homework_example for an example.

1.4. Write Some Text

  • MediaWiki uses a simple mark-up language for text.[1]
  • Unlike a word processor where you use a GUI, you do formatting using text (similar to HTML, but simpler).
  • For example, to make a word bold, you type this sentence fragment will be bold.
  • You can still use HTML notation, for example this sentence fragment is also bold.
  • In contrast, in a word processor you would highlight the text and click the bold button.
  • To figure out how to do something, I usually look at a page with an example of what I want to do and click "View Source" or "Edit".

My name is Megan Conrad and I just transferred to GMU from Baylor University in Texas. I like being at GMU a whole lot better than Baylor so far. Except for the fact that it is always cold here.

2. Entry Survey

2.1. Background

What is your previous experience with computational/modeling software?

I’ve done some programming before:



If yes, which language? (check all that apply)

___ Visual Basic

___ C/C++

___ Java

___ Python

___ Matlab/Octave

Other: ______________________

2.2. Background II

I’ve taken the following math courses (check all that apply):

_X_Algebra & Trigonometry

_X_ Pre-Calculus

_X_ Calculus I

___ Calculus II

___ Calculus III

___ Linear Algebra

___ Statistics I

___ Statistics II

___ Differential Equations

2.3. Best way to communicate

What are the best methods for communicating class announcements to you?

Email and blackboard are the best ways of communicating class announcements to me.

2.4. Active learning

What is your previous experience with "active learning"? Do you have recommendations or preferred techniques for "active learning"?

I don't have much previous experience with "active learning", so I don't have preferred techniques because I don't really know much about it.

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