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1. Accessing MATLAB

  • MATLAB is available on the computers in most of Mason's computer labs (for example, the 3rd-floor Johnson Center computer lab and the 3rd-floor computer lab in Innovation Hall). For more information, see [1].
  • Run MATLAB "virtually" (and for free) on your personal laptop or desktop computer using Mason's Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) by following the instructions at VCL.
  • Purchase a student version of MATLAB (on a DVD) at the bookstore for $109 and install MATLAB permantently on your personal laptop or desktop machine.
  • Run Octave (interprets most commands the same way as MATLAB) online: [2]

2. Strange Behavior

At some point you may mis-click something on a menu bar and the green "execute" button will no longer work.

If you see a red dot in editor window, a K>> on the command line, and the green "execute" button greyed out:

  1. Click on the red dot. It should disappear.
  2. Click on the "Exit debug mode" icon in the editor window (it is about five icons to the right of the green arrow icon).

Here is how it happened (don't do it!): [3]

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