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A screenshot is a picture of what you see on your screen. In homeworks later in the semester you will be asked to upload an image to your wiki page and you may need to use this technique to create the image. (This is also a good technique to use when trying to explain a problem that you are having with your computer. Instead of explaining the problem in words, just send a picture of what you see on the screen.)

If you make many screenshots, you may want to try a program that helps automate the process such as JShot [1].

1. PC

  1. Press the Print Screen key.
  2. Open Paint.
  3. Press CTRL-V. The image should appear.
  4. Select a portion of the image using the rectangle select tool.
  5. Press CTRL-C.
  6. Select File->New (you do not need to save the existing image).
  7. Press CTRL-V. The selected area should appear.
  8. Save the image as a PNG file using File->Save As.

2. Mac

  2. Draw a rectangle around the area that you want to capture
  3. A file named "Screenshot-Date" will appear on your desktop
  4. (Use COMMAND+SHIFT+3 to capture the entire screen).
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