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Homework 1

This was my graduating class of 2012. This picture was taken at the football stadium of Martinsville High School

This is my screenshot

2.1. Background

What is your previous experience with computational/modeling software? I’ve done some programming before: _x__No

___Yes If yes, which language? (check all that apply) ___ Visual Basic ___ C/C++ ___ Java ___ Python ___ Matlab/Octave Other: ______________________ 2.2. Background II

I’ve taken the following math courses (check all that apply): '_x__ Algebra & Trigonometry _x__ Pre-Calculus _x__ Calculus I' ___ Calculus II ___ Calculus III ___ Linear Algebra ___ Statistics I ___ Statistics II ___ Differential Equations 2.3. Best way to communicate

What are the best methods for communicating class announcements to you? via text or email 276-806-0605 2.4. Active learning

What is your previous experience with "active learning"? Do you have recommendations or preferred techniques for "active learning"? Questions and group pairing. None.

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